Certified Select Warranty

What Does the MCMC Select Certified Warranty Cover?

We invest twice the national average to recondition our vehicles. What does this mean? First and foremost, where the rubber meets the road, we make sure there’s enough to keep you safely rolling for thousands of miles. That means, we replace a lot of tires — close to 10,000/year. The vehicle reconditioning process starts with what we call a “Before Road-Test” to diagnose any shakes, rattles, or rolls.

After that, we take each vehicle through a 150+ point inspection to ensure the safety and reliability of each vehicle we lease. Once the inspection process is complete the vehicle is re-driven in our “Post Road-test” to double-check our work. Once this process is complete, the vehicles are sent to our detail department for some pampering and TLC.

Only when they have passed all tests are they ready to roll with our included 40,000-mile Certified Select Warranty. For a full list of covered items please see your Finance Specialist.