April 6, 2023

Meet the Crew—Eduardo Ramirez

Welcome to our "Meet the Crew" series. Get to know our finance specialists and how and why they love helping MCMC customers.


What's your favorite part of working for a buy here pay here car lot?
Most rewarding part about working at a buy here pay here is that I get to help put that customer was not able to get help at a new car store, Autonation ect. I love to help people it in my nature I make friends in the community that I live in and get payed for it. Getting payed to help people is the best job ever. 

Why do you sell cars?

I sell cars because this has always been my dream job. Now that I am doing it I want to be the best at it. My whole life has evolved around cars since I was a kid. I have been working on cars since I was 15, I went to school for auto mechanics, I drove tow trucks for 7 years Now I have been selling for 9 years. I dont know everything about cars but I know enough that when a customer asks me a question I can answer it. 

What's your favorite car on the lot?

My favorite car to sell is hands down the Toyota Camry - I have no customer service issues. 

What's your favorite story about selling cars to customers with bad credit?
My uncle had got kicked out of every dealership especially every buy here pay here his credit was horrible. It seems like he always qualified for the worst car on the lot.  Long story short the unit would break down and he would give it back. He came to me needed a car. He also did not qualify for a nice car. I dont really think he qualified at all, but being my uncle Jon and Phillip did me a favor I sold him a 2014 Hyundai Elantra which he loves, he payed it off and is still running like a champ. 

What advice do you have for buying a used vehicle?

#1 piece of advise to anyone looking to buy a used car is to look at the floor, asphalt wherever the vehicles for sale are parked. Look for oil or coolant stains. Mcmc parking lots are dry. we have a team that checks these cars out for check engine lights and oil leaks. If there are a bunch of spots all over it means their inventory gets mostly sold as is. 


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