May 30, 2023

Meet the Crew—Carlos Cuautle

Welcome to our "Meet the Crew" series. Get to know our finance specialists and how and why they love helping MCMC customers.


What's your favorite part of working for a buy here pay here car lot?

One of my favorite parts of working for a buy here pay here lot is that I am surrounded by a great and hard-working team that always strives to provide excellent customer service at the MCMC Auto, Jacksboro location.

Another favorite part is that I get to help customers that have not yet established credit or those that have less-than-ideal credit scores get approved with our in-house financing. I get to be a part of this rewarding experience in helping them build or rebuild their credit. Most importantly, I enjoy helping the customers get on the road with a reliable vehicle and providing them with great benefits and warranty for their vehicle. I also love that we have a referral program that can benefit our customers.

Why do you sell cars?

I sell cars because I get to connect with the customers that come in, bonding with them and making them feel comfortable. I love it when customers put their trust in me to help select the right vehicle for them and give them a great experience. Purchasing a car is a big milestone and accomplishment so I work to the best of my ability for each customer to drive off happily.

What's your favorite car on the lot?

My favorite vehicle on the lot would be the Hyundai Elantra. I had one myself and it was very reliable, and I haven’t had issues with it. It was also great on gas mileage.

What's your favorite story about selling cars to customers with bad credit?

I had a customer that had bad credit that almost lost all hope in getting a vehicle. Prior to coming to see me, he spent an entire day shopping around at many other dealerships, but unfortunately, he was not able to get approved at any of them. I told him I can help him and that we work with all types of credit. He put his trust in me and I got him approved and got him driving out in his new vehicle the same day. Because of this wonderful experience for him, he referred his family members to me since they needed help with financing as well. I helped them get approved and rolling out with their new reliable vehicle. Knowing that I made a difference for them is a satisfying and happy feeling.

What advice do you have for buying a used vehicle?

Since there are so many vehicles out there, my advice to the customers that are looking to buy a used vehicle is to take the vehicle out for a long test drive. I want them to be able to really feel how the car drives. Every person is different with different preferences so each vehicle will feel different. The long test drive will help a customer feel if it is the right fit for them. Test drive the vehicle on both freeways and small roads. Give time to let the AC or heater kick in to check if they are working well.


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